Annual Pest Control Contract

  Priority Service and Emergency Support
  Long-Term Prevention
  Professional Expertise

Annual Pest Control Contract

  Priority Service and Emergency Support
  Long-Term Prevention
  Professional Expertise

We exterminate pests and restore peace of mind!

Pest infestations might be the last thing property owners want to deal with. Be it residential, commercial, or industrial properties, pests can cause various damages to structures, contaminate food, spread diseases, and create an unhealthy and uncomfortable living or working environment.

One of the most efficient ways to ensure a pest-free environment is through an Annual Maintenance Contract with a reliable and reputed pest control company. AMC services comprise comprehensive pest-specific solutions to handle pests proactively as well as according to their nature and infestation method.

At Debug, through Integrated Pest Management(IPM), we use combinations of physical, cultural, biological and chemical pest control methods to achieve optimum results. By signing up for an AMC with us, you are choosing peace of mind by knowing your property is being actively monitored and protected by experts. We will provide regular inspections, preventive measures, and ongoing support against a wide range of pests throughout the year.

How does AMC work?

Generally, the AMC process involves the following steps


We will conduct a thorough inspection of the property to evaluate the situation and find out the best treatment method to achieve the desired result.


A plan will be developed based on the findings of the inspection. This will help to target the pests effectively as well as to determine the best treatment method, frequency of the treatment, the products to be used, etc.

Regular treatments

To attain maximum results, regular treatments must be carried out. Spraying, baiting, vacuuming, trapping, dusting, gel treatments, fumigation, thermal fogging, etc. are the usual ways of treatment.


Throughoutthe contract period, the team at Debug will monitor your property to check the effectiveness of the treatments and to ensure no further infestation is occurring. Regular reports will be given to the client after monitoring.

Types of pest control services covered in AMC.

Termite control

Termites are notorious creatures known for their destructive nature. They can cause extensive damage to wooden structures. We use advanced techniques to eliminate termite colonies effectively. Also, we make sure to protect your future from further termite attacks

Bedbug treatment

Bedbugs are nightmarish enough to make anyone lose their sleep! Our treatments are so effective that we terminate even the last bug and ensure they never come back to keep you up all night.

Rodent control

Rodents are usually the most infamous creatures to create havoc in any environment. It not only creates property damage but spreads many diseases as well. Glue traps, snap traps, baiting, sanitation, exclusion, etc. are effective methods to get rid of rodents.

Cockroach control

Cockroaches are a common pest in any household. But the nuisance it can create is unbelievably enormous. They contaminate food and spread diseases. To ensure a safe and hygienic environment, we provide practical cockroach control methods.

Mosquito control

The infamous mosquitos are truly hard to get rid of. But with effective treatments of their lives at various stages, it can be completely terminated. Each stage of the mosquito requires distinct treatments and we provide solutions to solve the root causes.

Bees and wasp control

These unwelcome visitors not only invade your property but give painful stings and cause health risks as well. Removing their hive from your property requires expertise. And our team can provide just that!

Insects and flies control

Our team is equipped to handle insects and flies of any type. The pest-specific solution is what we employ to get rid of houseflies, fruit flies, dragonflies, spiders, silverfish, ticks, etc.

Benefits of AMC pest control services

Long-term protection

Ongoing protection, regular treatments, emergency support, etc. are what an AMC can give as its minimum guarantee. This will make your environment pest free all year round and provide long-term protection as well

Timely interventions

When you sign up for an AMC, regular inspections will be conducted to detect the presence of pests and prompt actions will be taken to avoid infestations. Emergency support is also included in the package to give you maximum convenience

Customized pest control solutions

We understand pest control prerequisites vary from place to place and one industry to another. That’s why our pest control AMC packages are designed in such a way that they can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Expert advice from professionals

Prevention is always better than running away after your property gets infested and goes out of hand! Our expert technicians at Debug will provide valuable advice on control and preventive measures to keep infestation at bay

Money saving

Even though the upfront cost might be high, by choosing an AMC pest control, you can save money in the long run compared to individual pest treatments.

Regular inspection

Early detection allows immediate action and stops further infestations. Our expert technicians will inspect your property at regular intervals to keep a check and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the AMC packages customizable?

Yes, our AMC services are highly customizable and can be customized to suit the specific requirements of the customer.

Why is regular inspection inevitable in pest control?

Inspections at regular intervals will help to detect pest problems at the earliest. So actions can be taken immediately to prevent further dangers and damages.

Does AMC cover all types of pests?

Yes, at Debug, our AMC services cover all types of pests. General pest control service, rodent control service, snake, fox, dog, and cat removal, etc. are our major pest control services.

How often should the treatments be conducted?

The frequency of pest control treatment depends on the type of pest, degree of infestation, and the probability of attack in the future. However, periodic treatments are recommended to get maximum results.

Can I avail of AMC service for my warehouse?

Yes, AMC pest control services are available for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Does your company offer complete termination of pests?

The short answer is yes! The proactive approach of AMC minimizes the chances of severe infestations. Also, the property owners should take precautions such as habitat reduction, not providing welcoming surroundings for infestation, etc. along with the treatments we carry out.

Can I opt for separate pest control solutions rather than AMC?

Yes. We offer individual pest control solutions as well as Annual Maintenance Contracts. However, opting for an AMC provides comprehensive coverage and long-term pest management.

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