Spider Pest Guide

Spider Pest Guide

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    Spider: Pest Guide

    Long-bodied Cellar Spiders

    Cellar Spiders inhabit caves and rock piles in outdoor locations. Indoors, they are typically found in damp cellars, basements, crawlspaces, and garages.


    The Cellar spider tends to build loose, irregular webs in the corner of a house and they hand upside down on the underside of the web. They also build new webs after every fixed interval.


    Spiders of this species are often found in dark and damp places, such as cellars and basements. You can also find them in corners of garages, sinks, bathtubs, sheds, barns, etc.

    Spider Pest Guide


    The spiders stay in one corner of the room and do not pose much danger to the person. Furthermore, they have relatively weak mouthparts, so when they conflict they cannot bite a person.


    One must seal cracks in the house completely to prevent them from entering, especially doors, windows, and screens. It is also important to use yellow light bulbs, which will help reduce the number of spiders that are attracted to white light.

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    Spider Pest Guide

    Brown Recluse Spiders

    The spiders live in various parts of the United States (USA), mainly in the midwest and south-central regions.


    The spiders are nocturnal and feed on insects and fly to satisfy their hunger. A male spider wanders off further than a female one and rolls into shoes or clothing.


    The spiders are usually found outdoors near debris and woodpiles. Nevertheless, they can also be found in indoor storage areas and dark corners.


    When provoked or in conflict with one another, these spiders bite in defence. Spider bites produce an open, ulcerating sore that can be quite painful.


    It is best to avoid keeping clothes on the floor and in remote corners of the home if one wants to avoid brown spiders. Providing spider exterminators can be used for spider pest control.

    House Spiders

    A spider of this type is one of the most common spiders inside our homes. Due to their webs, it causes a lot of disruption for house owners.


    To catch prey, these spiders create an entangled web in our homes. However, after a few days, this web is abandoned for a new one, which creates quite a mess.


    Inside building structures, are most commonly found in remote corners, basements, garages, under window frames etc. Outside, they are commonly found near a light source which helps them to hunt down prey easily.

    Spider Pest Guide


    The House Spiders do not pose a huge threat to human beings and are naturally a nuisance pest.


    It is important to seal the cracks of windows and doors, which helps limit the entry of spiders inside the structures.

    Spider Pest Guide

    Black Widow Spider

    Female Black Widow Spiders are most commonly found in the eastern, central, and western parts of the United States of America (USA). Male spiders live about a year, while female spiders live up to three years.


    To satisfy their appetite, Widow spiders often eat other pests. These spiders also sometimes feed on other spiders of the same species.


    These spiders are found near piles of wood and trash and usually prefer a dark environment for their growth.


    Black Widow bites are poisonous, but not deadly to humans. A bite, however, can cause severe adverse effects, such as cramping, sweating, headaches, and anxiety.


    When shifting things that have been left in a stationary position for a long time, gloves must be worn. Additionally, one should always check their shoes before putting them on and stay away from webs as much as possible.

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