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    Rodent: Pest Guide

    Deer Mice

    The Deer Mice is found in woodland areas and sometimes in desert areas. They are rarely found in rural areas and rarely tend to invade one’s home.


    They generally prefer to feed on liquid items and the Deer generally feeds during dusk and dawn time and feeds on insects, seeds, berries, nuts etc.


    The Deer Mouse is found in sheltered areas such as tree logs or debris. However, it usually prefers undisturbed areas such as attics.

    Rodent Pest Control


    These insects tend to carry 100 types of disease-carrying germs, which makes them highly dangerous. The Deer Mouse transmits the potentially fatal Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which can be potentially life-threatening to people. The disease can be transmitted through contact with mouse carcasses or by breathing in aerosolized urine droplets of infected deer mice. In these cases, rodent control is a necessity.


    To keep mice and other rodents out, one must make sure that all larger diameter holes are sealed. One must also ensure proper drainage at the foundation, which helps channel the water away from the building. The persons working in a deer mice infected area must exercise caution and have the proper equipment such as gloves and breathing gear. We extend professional help in rodent control and rodent pest management.

    House Mice

    The House Mice is one of the most common rodent pests in various parts of the world.


    The House Mice have a unique ability to breed quickly and share nests with their siblings.


    The House Mouse generally lives quite close to human settlements in houses, barns, granaries etc.

    Rodent Pest Guide


    The House Mice carries flies, mice, ticks and lice, which causes harmful infections to the people staying in the homes.


    As such, mice commonly enter through holes and cracks. It is important to seal the cracks and holes present in one’s home. We should also use disinfectants to effectively eliminate the presence of mice within the vicinity of one’s home. Debug offers the best rodent pest control services to eliminate such rats.

    Norway Rats

    Norway Rats are quite common to the North American region and were brought in ships in the 19th century from Britain. These rats are now highly common in Canada, the United States of America (USA) and Mexico.


    The Rats have smaller eyes and ears and shorter tails and frequently move from one home to another, searching for food items.


    The Rats live in fields, farmland and various buildings within the country. They enter the building through small cracks and holes that are present inside the building.

    Rodent Pest Guide


    These Rats tend to chew electric wires, which increases the possibility of short circuits. Also, they carry various bacteria, fungi with them which spreads various diseases among people. Thus rodent pest control is necessary for places with these species. 


    One must ensure that firewood is kept away from buildings and structures. One must also remove debris from areas of high moisture and near structures.

    Roof Rats

    The Roof Rats get their name because of their peculiar habit of staying at the top of our homes. It ranges from six to eight inches and has very poor vision, and is colour blind. They also have a very strong smell of hearing, smell, touch and taste.


    Roof rats have a habit of chewing materials that cause considerable damage and eat stored food.


    The Roof rats are found in upper parts of the buildings or structures and only need little space to enter such buildings.

    Rodent Pest Control


    The Roof rats tend to urinate on food items, thereby making it unfit for consumption. It also spreads various diseases such as bubonic plague, thereby affecting the health of the person.


    It is extremely important in sealing the cracks and holes that help limit the presence of rats within the house. We must also ensure that rooftops are sealed properly, which limits the presence of rats. Debug have the best rodent pest management team in the country to help you.


    Voles are found in a variety of areas such as mountains, grasslands, dense forests etc. They are one of the most common rodents that are found in almost every region of the world.


    The Voles tend to feed on seeds, tubers, tree needles, and green vegetation such as clovers. They also prefer small insects to quench their hunger and prefer closed locations for the same


    The Voles have a huge preference for areas that are covered by grass and have abundant vegetation. Therefore, they usually prefer to stay in closed locations.

    Rodent Pest Guide


    The Voles tend to damage the garden and tend to chew the bark of fruit trees. They also damage the tree roots, which deters the growth of the plant.


    One must adopt fencing and traps; gravel buffers help in protecting gardens against vole infestation. We must also remove weeds, heavy mulch, and vegetative cover, providing a fertile breeding ground for voles.

    Debug can extend the help in best rodent pest control services and rodent pest management. With our rodent control measures, we offer you a stress-free life.

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