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    Termites: Pest Guide

    Formosan Termites

    These termites are believed to have originated from China and are thought to be one of the region’s most aggressive, voracious termite spaces.


    The Formosans termites usually consume cellulose-based materials such as wood, paper and wood. They also consume bacteria and flagellates.


    The Formosans termites have arranged themselves into huge underground colonies and have built intricate mud nests inside the structure’s walls.

    Termites Control in the United Arab Emirates.


    They are highly aggressive and tend to infest on trees and wooden pieces. They also tend to cause damage to furniture and wooden articles.


    It is quite important to divert water away from drainages, gutters, and splash blocks, limiting the presence of termites. One must also ensure to reduce humidity in crawl spaces and also ensure proper ventilation in the room. It is important to ensure proper care in ensuring that wooden materials are not in direct contact with the soil, which helps prevent the presence of termites within the region. DPCS offers you the best services on termite control.

    Dry Wood Termites

    As the name suggests, Dry wood Termites are most commonly found in dry wood habitats and need very less moisture for the growth and development of such termites.


    They form quite large colonies consisting of 2500 members each and work is equally distributed. However, unlike subterranean termites, they do not have a worker caste and work is done by immature termites before reaching adulthood.


    The Dry Termites tend to infest on dry wood and do not maintain any contact with the soil. These termites are found in artic trusses, fascia boards and soffit areas.


    These termites cause considerable damage to the building structure, resulting in severe financial losses.


    We must ensure that firewood and scrap wood is stored away from home as dry wood termites gain access to wooden materials through cracks and crevices. Our termite control team handles the dry wood termites with ease and makes your life stress free.

    Subterranean Termites

    The Subterranean Termites tend to live in regional colonies and in secluded places which can contain upto 2 million members. The colonies of these termites are categorized into different classes depending upon their work, such as workers, soldiers and representatives. The cream-colored subterranean termites are 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in length.


    The Subterranean termites live in underground conditions and build tunnels through the soil to reach for food items. Like other termite spaces, they tend to feed on products containing cellulose. They also swarm in groups in the spring season to start new colonies.


    These termites usually live in underground conditions and are usually in contact with the soil.


    They are one of the most destructive species and can cause considerable damage by chewing off portions of wood from articles, furniture etc.


    One of the most common methods is to divert water with properly functioning downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks and ensure that water does not lay in a stagnant condition near your home. Another way is to keep wooden articles from the soil, which limits the presence of subterranean termites.

    Damp Wood Termites

    As the name suggests, these termites are found in damp wood with a high moisture condition. It is the most commonly found in Florida, Hawaii and the adjoining Pacific coast and requires very little moisture for its growth.


    The Damp wood termites do not have a working class and nymph damp wood termites are in charge of taking care of king and queen and feeding the soldier class.


    The Damp wood termites are mostly found in secluded places and remote locations with very little moisture in their atmosphere.


    The Damp wood termites usually do not infest any buildings or structure as it needs a low moisture content for its growth.


    One must ensure that no contact takes place between the structure and areas of high moisture and ensure that downspouts and gutters are diverted away from the structure.


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