Insects Control (Municipality Approved)

Insects Control (Municipality Approved)

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    Insects Control (Municipality Approved)

    Insects are one of the biggest menaces that spread unwanted diseases and health issues in various households. Therefore, it is quite important to ensure proper extermination and removal of such pests safely. Insect control is of high priority in everyday life. Debug is one such professional company that has successfully provided effective insects pest control services that help in removing insects, house dust mites and springtails from our premises. We provide municipality approved insect pest control in the country. With our offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, we offer our professional team help in all the emirates in UAE. We make your life pest-free.

    Insects Control (Municipality Approved)

    Species characteristics and host/habitat

    House Dust Mites

    House Dust Mites

    House Dust Mites are commonly found in humid environments and areas with a high presence of moisture. They tend to feed on dead skin shed by humans and hence are named as ‘House Dust Mites’. Insects Pest control is important in areas with House Dust Mites.

    Springtails (Snow fleas)

    Springtails (Snow fleas)

    Some species of Springtails are commonly referred to as ‘Snow Fleas’ when they are found in the winter season. They are also found all around the year because of a strong antifreeze protein, due to which it can survive harsh weather conditions. Due to the adverse effect of the species, insect control is a need where these insects exist.

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