Bird Control in Dubai and Sharjah(Pigeon Control)

Bird Control in Dubai and Sharjah(Pigeon Control)

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    Birds – Pest Guide

    Birds (Pigeons, Doves, Starlings, etc.)

    Bird Control must be handled by an expert staff with sufficient skill and expertise in today’s world. Debug is a professional company with offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah that has fulfilled client expectations with its cost-effective services. We have a highly experienced staff that has been highly efficient in providing effective services in bird control for various residential and commercial areas and ensured safe and effective control of birds from its premises.

    Bird Control Services (Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah)

    Pest Guide – Bird Control in DUBAI

    Pigeons (Rock Doves)


    The Pigeons are found in various regions around the earth’s surface. The pigeons are believed to have evolved on the shores of North Africa and the Mediterranean sea, where they tend to make their homes on cliffs and rocky ledges.


    The Pigeons prefer food grains and also devour seeds, cereal grains, and cracked corn. They have a distinct liking for seeds and tend to eat at any time of the year. Certain types of pigeons also like to feed on bread crumbs, popcorns, and other leftover food by the people.


    The Pigeons are heavily dependent on human beings to provide the necessary food, shelter, and roosting sites. They are commonly found around agricultural areas as well as near warehouses, feeding mills, and grain elevators. They are also commonly found in cities around parks, bridges, buildings, and any other structures.


    In certain circumstances, pigeons tend to act as a carrier of disease and damage. For example, the droppings of pigeons cause slipping while walking down the surfaces and accelerate the aging of structures and statues.

    It also tends to harbor the growth of funguses which causes diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis toxoplasmosis, etc. The other pests that tend to live on such birds include fleas, lice, mites, etc.


    The Homeowners must ensure that pigeons do not find a suitable space near homes for roosting. People also use scarecrows, plastic birds, and plastic snakes to frighten pigeons away from their homes. One must also keep any leftover food or standing water away from the reach of pigeons. Debug provides pigeon removal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.



    Woodpeckers are found in several different countries worldwide, with an abundance in Southeast Asia and South America. In the United States of America (USA), there are 21 designated species of woodpeckers legally protected by law.


    The Woodpeckers are commonly found on the dead-end of a plank and are also known to peck at buildings, sidings, and metal portions. The Woodpeckers tend to peck to find food, excavate nesting areas, or create space for food storage. The birds can have two or three broods per year.


    As the name suggests, the Woodpeckers are usually found in wooded areas due to their preference for food and nearby living trees. Unfortunately, they also tend to rest on poles, fences, structures, and signposts.


    The Woodpeckers can cause extensive damage to the structural building and air conditioning units.


    The best way to prevent woodpeckers is the usage of physical barriers and use of scare techniques which requires minimum investment and also helps in saving valuable structures from getting damaged.

    Common Starling


    The Starlings are found in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa and are visible in the northern parts of Australia and the pacific islands.


    The Starlings tend to feed on a variety of substances such as food grains, seeds, etc. The preferred feeding season is during spring and summer, which helps invertebrate animals such as insects in their larval stage. They readily forage in adverse conditions and tend to eat spillover food in public parks and places.


    The Starlings are usually found in almost every setting, such as agricultural fields to metropolitan cities and buildings. They usually flock together and tends to graze in open fields. However, the Starlings also are found on branches of trees and in areas of a high population, such as commercial buildings.


    The droppings of Starling tend to cause considerable degradation of components of steel buildings and cause damage to the inner structure. In addition, the soil enriched with droppings tends to cause substantial fungal growth, which leads to the spread of diseases such as histoplasmosis.


    The Trimming trees act as popular Starlings’ resting spots and need to be pruned as short as possible. The horizontal surfaces also must be eliminated using various obstructions such as wire repellants. One must also ensure special care in keeping animal waste and food waste inaccessible to the birds.


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