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Caught off-guard by a sudden infestation? Don’t let panic take over! Here is your action plan in case of a sudden pest infestation!

Waking up to find your kitchen taken over by an intrusion of cockroaches or battalions of ants marching in and out of your pantry, or even worse, chewed-up food and electrical wires by a notorious pack of rats? It is undoubtedly a nightmare for any homeowner. In such cases, people go a little frantic. But being frantic doesn’t help. Instead, it’s important to get a hold of yourself and act quickly. In this edition of the newsletter, we will be looking into how to tackle sudden infestations and what to do in case of emergencies.

Identify the problem.

The first and most basic step is identifying the pest you are about to deal with. This will expedite the process and ensure that the control measures you adopt are effective. Spotting the dead or alive pest itself is comparatively a better option than looking for signs. But in some cases, it’s the signs that give off cues about their presence. A gnaw mark, chewed-up items, droppings, musky odour, nests, burrows, etc. are some common indications of pests. If you are having trouble identifying the signs, seek help from professionals immediately.

Prevent infestation.

Once you have identified the pest, the next important step is to contain the infestation. For that, you can adopt measures such as sealing entry points, isolating affected areas, removing food or water sources that tempt the pests, DIY pest control measures, etc. These regulations will prevent infestations and give you ample time until help arrives. But always keep in mind that, in certain cases, it is better to not do anything yourself but to wait for professionals to deal with the pest as they have enough experience and expertise in the area.

Humane traps or baits.

If the infestation is small and you are sure to be able to get it under control, you can try humane traps or bait. To avoid unfortunate accidents with pets and children, be vigilant about the placement of these traps and baits. For insects, sprays or insecticides can provide temporary relief. For rats, live traps or glue traps are effective. Bedbugs can be removed by vacuuming if the infestation is minor. Sprays or powders are effective when dealing with ants.

Professional help.

In cases of sudden infestation or spotting of dangerous wildlife, it’s crucial to get help from professionals rather than doing it yourself. Look for pest control companies that provide 24/7 emergency services. Make sure to give the professionals as detailed information as possible, as it helps them better understand the situation and prepare accordingly.

Preventive measures.

Once the professionals are done dealing with the primary issues, ask them for preventive advice. This helps to prevent future infestations and better prepare you to handle such situations if they occur.

Regular inspection.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is overlooking the importance of regular inspections. Once immediate help is received and temporary peace is restored, they forget to be cautious of future infestations. This makes way for pests to come back and create havoc more severe than the last time. That is why regular inspection by professionals is recommended.


Give importance to maintenance, regular upkeep, and cleanliness. Keep your home and surroundings clean, and dispose of garbage regularly. Don’t let pests feed on your undisposed items and don’t give them a comfortable space to come back to by providing their necessities. Moreover, repair and seal structural issues that serve as entry points, and fix cracks and gaps.

Keep in mind that sudden infestations can be overwhelming and can make anyone panic. But the presence of mind and prompt decisiveness can prevent infestations and any unfortunate accidents. Take adequate precautions and call professionals immediately to safeguard your home and restore peace.

Need emergency pest control? Call us now! At Debug Pest Control Services, we provide pest control services 24/7 and ensure the complete elimination of pests.

Stay safe, stay pest-free!

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