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The covid-19 pandemic in recent years has left office spaces vacant for prolonged periods of time. The new “work from home” culture has further decentralized working environments and further lengthened the time needed for people to adjust to going back to their offices. This lengthy period of time brought about an onslaught of office spaces by an old pest, rats.
This period of time not only affected human habits but these furry little critters too, with the closure of restaurants and the popularization of taking away and a general focus on hygiene, these rats had no more rubbish to feed on and lost a large portion of their food source while on the other hand, the vacant office space gave them more room to infest and occupy. The British Pest Control Association has reported a huge 41% increase in rodent sightings since the lockdown. With their normal sources of food, disrupted rats forage further away and start occupying new spaces.
The gradual return of normalcy following the discovery and use of vaccines would create a new problem to fight against, one much closer to home, or work in this case. Our Company, Debug offers clients services to help in the removal of rats through a variety of professional approaches and techniques which would surely give you a safe and secure work environment from the aftermath of this infestation.


Covid-19 has affected the lives of not just humans but also disrupted the warm cozy lives of rats. The closure of restaurants brought an end to their fondue of the vast amounts of leftover after the day is done. These furry pests with their ability to sneak into the tiniest of spaces as well breed a dozen a day are hardly picky with their food habits. “Rats will always find something to eat,” says Richard Ashley, emeritus professor of urban water at the University of Sheffield. “Human waste is ideal, but any natural organic material will do. Houseplants are fine. Leather will do at a push.”
The unused office spaces are quickly becoming their new choices for permanent housing at least for a time. Rats are neophobic, which means they don’t stay in places they don’t feel safe but the lockdowns are giving them a safe haven from what was usually made out as a forbidden zone earlier on. Rats are one of the fastest breeding rodents and take fourth place in the number of days it takes to gestate.
Our company, Debug engages these rodents and offers safe solutions to these infestations which would allow you to get back to work in no time at all without disturbances from these furry little critters.

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