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What you can do to stay safe and healthy.

Hygiene, Sanitization, and sterilization are words that were always at the tips of tongues as well as that of our fingers for the longest of times, however, due to the Covid pandemic, the awareness, as well as the care taken towards this end, has been on an increase in the last 2 years. Even though we sanitize our hands, and whatever we receive from other people as well as medical equipment, we often downplay the need for a thorough sanitization and sterilization of our houses, apartments, offices, or workspaces.

Sanitization: Sterilization – A Common Misconception

Most people have the notion that sanitization and sterilization are the same, however, professionals would tell you that even though similar they have their differences. Sanitizing refers to reducing the number of microorganisms to a safe level. Sanitizing is often performed after a thorough cleaning and unclean surfaces will reduce the effectiveness of sanitizing. All surfaces that come into contact with food must be cleaned and sanitized regularly. However, Sanitizing should not be confused with sterilizing. While sanitizing reduces microorganisms’ count to a safe level, sterilizing removes all microorganisms from an item. Sterilizing is not often performed in a commercial environment, but is used in places like hospital operating rooms. Sanitizing agents can be found in various forms—liquids, sprays, powders, or granules. They are just perfect for spaces that encounter food or kids, such as the kitchen, dining area, office desk, or even a playroom.

Under Estimated but never Under Valued

The importance of sanitization and sterilization is often underestimated however the covid 19 pandemic not only made these techniques resurface but also boosted their importance in daily life as well as that of our workspaces. Sterilization is necessary for the destruction or removal of all microorganisms including spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that could constitute a health hazard.

We Offer the Best, So Set Your Minds at Rest

One must understand that neither sanitization nor sterilization are simple procedures but need experienced professionals to carry them out. Our Company Debug does exactly this, with experienced personnel in both sanitization and sterilization as well as well versed in the cleaning out of other pests one might find along the way. The use of modern techniques and equipment, as well as well-versed and experienced staff, are some of the key highlights and all these are provided at an affordable rate for our valuable customers.

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